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An Apprenticeship is a nationally recognised, work-based training programme designed to train employees aged16+ at different levels, allowing apprentices of any age to gain valuable skills, behaviours and knowledge in a specific role and industry.

Apprenticeships are:

A productive and sustainable way to grow your business
Used to attract and grow new talent
An excellent way to develop a more motivated and skilled workforce
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Why employ an apprentice?

Effective way to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce aligned to your organisational values.

of employers said apprenticeships helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation
of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve productivity
of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve the quality of their products or services

*Stats from: https://www.apprenticeships.gov.uk/employers/benefits-of-hiring-apprentice

See our apprenticeship Programmes

These Apprenticeships are designed to give aspiring accountants a strong foundation in their formal development towards their qualification. The programmes can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisational demands. These are ideal whether the learner is new to accounting and wants the tools and knowledge to start their career successfully or they are a more experienced administrative or bookkeeping staff and want to further develop their skills and performance.

Accounts or Finance Assistant
Accounts or Finance Assistant

Level 2

Assistant Accountant
Assistant Accountant

Level 3

Professional Accounts Technician
Professional Accounts Technician

Level 4

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes available to your existing and future staff of all ages and abilities. The training is part-funded by the Government – dependent on the size of your organisation. FAR will support your organisation through the whole process, from recruitment to successful completion.

Our training is aimed at your apprentices becoming valuable members within your organisation for the long term. We aim to develop them holistically on commercial attributes such as attitude and approach, not just to gain a qualification.

Apprentices have proven to improve productivity in their workplace.  They are an effective way for you to grow your own talent by developing a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. A motivated and skilled workforce will help you grow your business.

As an employer you will need to ensure your apprentices;

  • are employed in a real job that gives them the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills they need under the apprenticeship standards.
  • are paid at least the minimum wage for their working hours and 20% off-the-job training time.
  • have a contract of employment and have the same conditions as other employees working at similar grades or in similar roles.

The apprentice must work for you, or a connected company or charity as defined by HMRC and they must:

  • Be 16 years or older.
  • Have the right to work in England.
  • Spend at least 50% of their working hours in England.
  • Not be in full time education.

Depending upon the size of your company and Apprenticeship level chosen, training costs will differ.  As apprentices are employees of your company, you are responsible for paying your apprentice’s wage.  You must pay at least the Apprenticeship minimum wage and can find out more by clicking hereThe Apprenticeship minimum wage relates to apprentices aged 16 to 18 or aged 19 and above in the first year of their Apprenticeship. If you are an SME, the Government will contribute 95% of the training cost. If you are a large levy paying employer, the levy will cover the cost of training.

To find out more about Apprenticeship training costs, please contact us on 07806570111 or 01904 702563.

Raise a vacancy

To raise a vacancy call our team on 01904 702563 or click on the button below to fill out a quick enquiry form. Our team will then arrange to speak to you and guide you through the process.

Raise a Vacancy

To raise a vacancy call our team on 01904 702563 or click the button below to fill out a quick enquiry form. Our team will then guide you through the whole process